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costco depot locations 2020

Another sticking point: impact on traffic and whether nearby roads need expansion to accommodate everything. We need a Costco Store in Grand Junction, CO. Is it Costco coming to OCALA Florida? It would be nice to have a warehouse located between Berlin & Ocean City. 548 Costco stores are spread across 45 states as well as Puerto Rico. A K mart just closed about 2 summers ago and the site is sitting empty! I work on the Fairchild Air Force Base, which is VERY close to Airway Heights. Laredo, TX 5. Fastest growing area of SA. Are you looking forward to a new Costco that is coming to your area? Sign up now! I see that there are so many requests for costco to open in other peoples localities that I feel my request will fall on deaf ears. Show Warehouses with: Gas Station. There are many convenient sites for a new store in Pensacola! Since 2016, Costco was the world's largest retailer of organic foods, rotisserie chicken and wine. I believe you would be well received and supported by local shoppers. Costco Wholesale operates an international chain of membership warehouses, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on quality brand-name merchandise. While operating hours can vary somewhat from one Costco to the next, most follow a very similar schedule. With a population of over 90K in Asheville and the surrounding towns , we have the people to support Costco. I live in Florida Panhandle, Niceville FL. Costco Wholesale provides equal opportunity in all areas of employment and does not discriminate against any individual regardless of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, national origin, or other protected classes under federal, state or local law. So many professionals from NYC, Philly, Baltimore and DC settling in the area now for better homes, great schools and lower taxes. Buy At Auction. Alerts from Tiendeo . As soon as we see any news about Bradenton, FL, we’ll update but so far it looks like it’s still pending. All Rights Reserved. If you can’t please bring one to west side of EP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have about 120,000 population plus several close smaller towns that must come to Abilene for major shopping. Read the Costco or Restaurant Depot discussion from the Chowhound Markets, Extra Sharp Cheddar food community. That aside, any more word on when they’re planning to open? Any new stores opening? ugh. I googled it,but couldn’t find an article either definitely confirming or denying it. I think mostly because their grocery side is being hurt by an Aldi that opened 2 years ago in our area. I live in Brevard county Florida and would join immediately if you would open in our area. Food Court. I was wondering Costco will consider opening in Columbus or McDonough Georgia? Retail Company. Covington/ Mandeville, Louisiana. Airway Heights is growing sooooooooooooooooo fast and the military base will also be adding a lot of new members. If you require assistance or a reasonable accommodation in completing these application materials or any aspect of the application process, please contact the Costco Location Manager at the location where you will be applying. There is only a Sam’ Club about an hour away and it is awful. PLEASE!!!! Besides, Sam’s doesn’t carry much gluten free items. 25% off (23 days ago) Costco Discount Code For Avis - Free Coupon Codes. Despite being 3 Costco’s in the city there is so much crowd. FOR A COSTCO WAREHOUSE. Personal Blog. Please consider a Costco location in Abilene Texas. It is located a little south of the Birmingham metro area, but would most like get many customers from both Shelby county, as well as Talladega County located just to the south of Shelby. Costco's seven massive depots distribute goods to the chain's stores across the country. Any news on when it will open? Also, see important COVID updates. Gaylord area …. Recent Post by Page. Currently live in Tallahassee but moving to Pensacola. I know that the most common comments that I hear around here are “I hate Wal Mart”, and ” I wish we had another store!” We have a medium size airport in our town that is expanding and I know that this area would be a great place for your store. Also, see important COVID updates.. Check out the facebook group “We want to bring Costco to Brevard County.” They have information about a builing permit for Costco on Pineda Causeway and 95. Costco. Location is 53rd and Fairhaven road. East Texas is not near Dallas, East TX means Longview or Tyler or even Shreveport, LA. Will they be building a Costco in Clermont Florida? In total, there are about 101.8 million Costco members worldwide. I live in the Florida panhandle near Santa Rosa Beach and Destin. This particular building is Costco Depot Airdrie. Hello I’m looking to transfer to Arizona. Thank you. While Supplies Last Treasure Hunt What's New Holiday Savings Online-Only Warehouse Savings; Find a Warehouse. Your Application will remain active for 90 days. There are also several more opening around the world. Call it the "Costco warehouse for the Costco warehouse." 100 of the locations are in Canada (across nine provinces), 39 are in Mexico, 29 are in the United Kingdom, 26 are in Japan, 16 are in South Korea, 13 are in Taiwan, 12 are in Australia, two are in Spain, and there is one each in France, Iceland, and China. Shop at for best deals on all products and enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brand products online and instore. McMinnville, Oregon. Start and build the chain of Costco stores in the Phillipines. Additionally, Costco has a number of cities that are proposed or in the initial planning phases. Other towns around us are: Pleasant unity, Mt. The one on Route 41/Daniels is a nightmare to get in and out of. Your browser does not support JavaScript or JavaScript is not enabled! The nearest Costco for me, personally, is in southern Massachusetts or Canada. I live in Ammon Idaho are we going to get a Costco everybody wants a Costco here they said we was going to get one and then apparently you guys backed out a few years ago so I’m just wondering are we finally going to get one here. Generally speaking, Costco puts a lot of energy into negotiating with municipal officials to get the best terms for its real estate projects; so that’s why you often see a bit of a time lag between rumors of a new location and official announcements. Costco Does It Again. In 1993, Costco merged with Price Club, a former competitor of Costco and one of the very first warehouse stores. The town is booming and hungry for Cosco. Costco is my favorite store. 86442. still. The Home Depot. Costco logo . Costco has been expanding and has plans to continue doing so for the next few years. Costco Wholesale Australia. Costco Today. Stay tuned and thanks for reading. Contact Us; Product Notices; Delivery Eligibility ; Membership Conditions; Returns and Exchanges; Sales Tax Exemption; Costco Shop Card Balance; Costco Concierge Services; Join Now; Ordering Information. I am surprised that COSTCO still hasn’t located in Corpus Christi, TX. If you have the desire to work in a fast-paced, fun environment, interacting with a diverse group of people, look no further. . We could use a Costco Warehouse in Port Charlotte, Florida. I have heard rumors from many that Costo will be going into entrance by Heritage Harbour in Bradenton, FL, right off I-75, exit 220 (S R 64). Driving to Lubbock is 100 miles. Latrobe, Ligonier and Derry Pa. Thanks. REALLY need a Costco in the Ocala, Florida area. The Sam’s is a gold mine, and it needs some competition. I’m looking to transfer from my current wearhouse. Learn more about how the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi can work for you. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. Below you’ll find a price list for the most popular items in different “sections” of the store. Would love to see you open a Costco in this area. Have you shopped at one of the new Costco locations? To put it simply, each retail store employs more people than a Depot, and there are far more retail locations than Depots. You could capture the population from Davenport, Rearden, Cheney, Medical Lake, Airway Heights and also the military personnel. Thanks. Monroe, NJ 7. Our shopping centers supply 3 towns. Any news would be much appreciated? Kelly, can you give us the name of the suburb you’re referring so that we can research it and update here when we find out any information about it? Please, please please come to our area!! And don’t want to go to Sam’s if we don’t absolutely have to. Those were located in Ridgeland, MS and Perth Airport, Australia. • 30 Costco Statistics and Facts (2020) | By the Numbers Updated for 2020. These could open as late as 2022, assuming that they do indeed move forward: By using the store locator feature on Costco’s website, you can find out which locations are closest to you. Costco needed in Omak Washington please???? Please come soon. While information about new Costco locations tends to be limited, partially because of the complex agreements that have to be handled with the various cities, some details are available. Shop for electronics, computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewelry and more. It would be wonderful to have a Costco in Airway Heights. moved away from costco to find sams club. Three of those new locations are business centers: The other new Costco locations that are planned for opening in the next few months are: So, as you can see, there are five new Costco locations opening in the United States (along with two additional business centers) in the next few months. I know a Costco would stay busy in Lake City. Any future plans for one in that area? and yes-i know youre not costco, i just figured I would shout as much as possible. i MOVED TO MO. Moved here from MD and sure do miss shopping at Costco! I second this request! Not sure if I can move and leave it behind. Will be very nice, we don’t have one in the Florida center, we are members and our Costco location are pretty far. Hearing Aids. Find quality brand-name products at warehouse prices. In total, there are 788 Costco stores throughout the world, more than 200 of which are outside of the United States. Would love updates if you get any. Is costco coming to bullhead city or ft mohave az. Berlin is called “the coolest small town” in Maryland and the residence would be extremely happy to have Costco available for their shopping needs. UPDATED 11/19/20: Read a message from our CEO about small parcel delivery delays. Sincerely, Costco, Home Depot now limiting number of customers permitted in stores News . Rumors of a Costco coming to or near Lacrosse Wisconsin for the last year have been anxiously waiting for a confirmation. Costco will do very, very well here, without question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the building steel is up and the exterior walls are almost complete. You should check out this area. Big Box Retailer. We’re researching this one and will report what we find here. It is the largest-circulation monthly magazine in the United States, with over 13 million recipients. It would be greatly welcomed. Thank you for your interest in Costco Wholesale. We are researching all of these questions… but Costco apparently does a lot of negotiating with local town governments to get the most favorable possible terms on all of the things that surround commercial real estate transactions. Oops! Yeah we need a Costco in the Bullhead City Fort Mohave area with Laughlin Kingman Mohave Valley needles Lake Havasu all within 45 minutes we need one bad. 3 hour drive to nearest store. To access the details of the store (location, opening hours, Costco online and current flyers) click on the location or the store name. PLEASE!!!! Please, come look at our area!!!! The only retail grocery/store in our area is Wal Mart and they have really cut corners lately. The Connection features timely articles on food, health, books, technology, travel, personal finance and small business. Do you wish a Costco would open near your home? I have to drive 50+ miles each way to the nearest one and I won’t join for the 2 times max a year I drive to Orlando. Your email address will not be published. Please open a Costco in Grand Junction Colorado. Any updates? Posted: Apr 1, 2020 / 07:15 AM EDT / Updated: Apr 1, 2020 / … Cecelia, we are not affiliated with Costco so we can only provide data on what can confirm about Costco and the municipal governments in the locations where the retailer is negotiating. “Costco is very selective about the locations of its facilities. My sister buys for me . Any updates on the status of opening a Costco Warehouse on Florida’s Treasure Coast? The news source reports that this store has been constructed in approximately three months, and about half its roughly 200 employees will be transfers from other stores. PLEASE!!!! Tire Center. desperation means we shop there. There are only 3 Sam’s Clubs in the area which are both roughly 50 miles apart from each other, so there is barely any competition. Enter your zip code for the location nearest you! Rumor currently is that once Menards finishing their new location (Mall of the Bluffs), that Costco move/rebuild the old Menards. Here is a look at the typical Costco warehouse location’s business hours: See below for a link to info about how COVID-19 restrictions might have affected store hours. Costco does have more than one … It’s pretty unbelievable! The population of the tri- cities areas is approximately 250,000. Our closest Sams club is 1/2 hour away and the other towns around us wold have to travel at least 1 hour to get to it! Looks like if there is one coming in this area it would be in Pooler GA not Bluffton, there is a housing development going into the Okatie Crossing site not a Costco, We need a Costco in Los Banos California, I have read in our local news paper that Costco has purchaced property years ago in our city. Update – found a council meeting note that mentions it might be shoved in to the fall bummer, hope it is wrong. We NEED a COSTCO near New Smyrna Beach FL. Please open a Costco in the upper lower Michigan east side. Hey Chaka, I ran a quick google search – checked google news and google regular. Select a location. As soon as new locations are confirmed, we’ll keep adding them here. Maybe try opening one up in Powell Ohio on Hyatts Rd or anywhere else in the Delaware county area please thanks. We will research that and if it’s confirmed will update the story accordingly. The only one in Southern Idaho near us is in Pocatello and so many people come from Jackson’s Hole, Wyoming, North,West and central Idaho. We desperately need another costco in the tri-cities area ( Kennewick – richland – Pasco) Washington. For example, a Harrison, New Jersey Costco might open its doors during this calendar year, though that isn’t guaranteed. Costco is opening a warehouse in Eastvale, CA with a car washing facility that is the local area’s first automated car wash. That was confirmed and we’ve noted it in the story — thanks so much for pointing this one out. About Us; Jobs; Kirkland Signature; Member Service. I previously lived in WA and have been a member for 20 years, but no place here to shop. Please open a Costco I Council Bluffs, Iowa. How Many Slices Does a Costco Pizza Have? Hate to be a stickler here but Costco is planning to open in Murrieta, California, not Murietta. Please send some peeps to do some market research of this area and open a store here!! All Costco Locations Find a Location. Road 68 in Pasco would [1] 1. Tell me they are coming to Springfield, MO. Macy's. Is Costco going to open a store in or near Franklin County/Wake County in NC? I live in Latrobe, Pa. Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp. 2020 Costco Price List. Costco Cash Back Rewards: Are They Worth It? Bring Costco to East Texas. Share your thoughts in the comments below. I’d like to suggest that Costco consider building a store in Shelby County, AL., (Chelsea, AL) which is one of the fastest growing counties in Alabama. Just click here to get started. It would be great to have a Costco near Ocean City, Maryland. Required fields are marked *, $MMT = window.$MMT || {}; $MMT.cmd = $MMT.cmd || [];$MMT.cmd.push(function(){ $MMT.display.slots.push(["4a668d37-e7de-4e43-bb99-71e7f20272c6"]); }). Construction is planned to begin in September of 2019. Besides, most of us around here would rather shop at Costco. bring us back costco! My Sams club is up for renewal soon and I don’t want to renew if Costco is opening soon. If you want to be able to customize your blog on your own domain and need hosting service, we recommend trying BlueHost. Either in west Orange County or in south Lake County. There are so many open spaces to put one, too. Costco Wholesale UK. Costco Wholesale is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Costco's intention to move to a bigger location in the Central Okanagan has long been speculated, but it became official on Monday as a relocation proposal came before city council. Costco Wholesale operates an international chain of membership warehouses, dedicated to bringing our members the best possible prices on quality brand-name merchandise. Thanksgiving 2020: Closed Black Friday 2020: Opens 9 a.m. Costco is the largest membership warehouse club in the United States. Sorry. If you are an avid shopper at Costco, we recommend applying for the credit card that is designed exclusively for Costco members. Please?! Dallas, TX 4. That’s correct, Rick, and we added that location to the story when it was confirmed. It opened in 2018, There is a need for a Costco in the Gainesville Fl or Ocala Fl area so many new communities. Would have to go to Sams in Gainesville, but I don’t care for Sams and Gainsville is too far. Thank you, sincerely. Select a location. Skip to Main Content. I came from the Northeast, where I lived less than 3 miles from a Costco, so adjusting to life without one has been very difficult. Please, consider this area. I would go at least2 to 3 times a month. As many have suggested, a Costco is DESPERATELY needed in the Florida Panhandle! Thanks! Please give it serious consideration. We have easy access to both the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 95. by: Darcie Loreno. It has two Sam’s! Are there any plan to open in Mazatlan,mexico? Filed Under: Costco, Personal Finance, Shopping Tagged With: Costco, grocery stores, Is Costco considering putting a store in Waco, TX. If you enjoy reading our blog posts and would like to try your hand at blogging, we have good news for you; you can do exactly that on Saving Advice. I know this would be more of a business move. There are two stores in Fort Myers, Florida. Costco in Calgary Canada opens at 9 a.m. weekday to 8:30 p.m. It would cover a large area as it is too far to travel to East Lansing. Richmond BC I am told is the busiest in Canada. Limits attendance but only about 5 min wait, many floor walkers keeping people moving, vision closed, bill not marked, u just hold it out. Hi, they’re supposed to be opening one in Davenport, Iowa, summer of 2018. The only negative is how far we have to drive for Costco and Trader Joe’s. There is a great spot for Costco on Brevard road next to the outlet center in the Asheville/ Candler Area. There’s plenty of land to be had and Franklin county has lower taxes!! Locations and Services; Find a Business Centre; Hours and Holiday Closures Costco App; General Information. When is this store scheduled to open? Could you please open up another Costco in the Columbus Ohio area. The site sits on a major highway and would kill Wal Marts business! Hi we shop at Costco in the US and Canada. If you have the desire to work in a fast-paced, fun environment, interacting with a diverse group of people, look no further. It is a major resort area and would be a benefit to the people vacationing. Any thoughts about adding one in North Fort Myers near I75? Your Application will remain active for 90 days. From what I hear Meridian Idaho is still a ways out. Especially since SAM’S Club closed 3 Warehouses locally!!! FROM CA AND I MISS COSTCO SO MUCH PLEASE CONSIDER SPRINGFIELD. Lots of homes being built and Hwy 17 goes to the Ferry right past the Mall. UPDATED 11/19/20: Read a message from our CEO about small parcel delivery delays. Shop for electronics, computers, furniture, outdoor living, appliances, jewellery and more. We need Costco now!! If you require assistance or a reasonable accommodation in completing these application materials or any aspect of the application process, please contact the Costco Location Manager at the location where you will be applying. I know you backed out of Palm City, but Port Saint Lucie would welcome your business to our City. Which I think everyone in our area would love to see! If you are inquiring about a price adjustment for a recently purchased item on now on sale, please fill out our Price Adjustment Form for your credit request.. Feel free to CALL US, our staff is available to speak with and help answer any question you may have today. Your email address will not be published. PLEASE!!! Costco already has one store in Birmingham, AL. +1 for Mechanicsburg!!!! All we have is sams and it’s a long drive to get the Costco. Tools, Home Improvement, Xmas and more at - Page 1 of 1 More information about Costco View all Costco stores Costco in Calgary - Flyers, coupons and deals . You forgot Springfield, MO. Carol, we’ll research whether anything is underway up there — and also find out how to ask Costco to open a new location in your own hometown. I’ve heard rumors. Aerial View Highland Park Industrial in Airdrie developed by the Beedie Group. City, State or Zip. Please put a Costco in Pensacola, FL. Your Kirkland products are great. Today at 5:33 PM. Thank you for your interest in Costco Wholesale. This site contains functionality that requires JavaScript. You missed this store Is there any truth to the rumor that there will be one built in Midland Michigan. There are other wearhouse that I will not mention by name that do not carry the quality that Costco does. Delivery included. Cannot wait for the Midland Michigan store to open! Belleville, MI 2. Cecelia L. Gervais. I am a resident of Medical Lake, Washington. When is the Ridgeland, MS Costco going to be built? Costco Avis Coupon Code - Plus there is no annual fee and you get a reward certificate every year that you can redeem for cash or purchases at Costco!,, San Jose, CA Business Center: September 2020, St. Hubert, QC Business Center: September 2020, Monday through Friday: 10:00 am to 8:30 pm, Saturday: 9:30 am to 6:00 pm (Quebec and Ottawa: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm), Sunday: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Saint John 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm), Trade Members – Monday through Friday: 10:00 am to 8:30 pm, Individual Members – Monday through Friday: 12:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Thanks for the tip, Tarre. I keep checking and can’t find any more info than an occasional note in a town meeting, but since it only takes a couple of weeks to put one up I suppose it won’t be posted for a while. Be a wonderful location. Approximately 163,000 people are employed by the company. There is one in Raleigh but our area has grown so big that we really need our own Costco. Used to have a membership, but dropped it when I moved to Florida. There is a rumor of one near Bluffton, SC, at Okatie Crossing, or possibly in Pooler, GA area. They have cleared a large portion of that land, that can be seen from I-75. It is important to note that Costco does close on some holidays. We could really use some quality products in and around Portland or Bangor, Maine. Rumors-that Costco looking in Crestwood IL it would be nice since they have only a business one nearby. While I can cancel my Sam’s in NH, I still need it during the summer in Maine. Please consider. People are DYING for something new in this area! People shop from Ok and NM in Amarillo every weekend. Costco recently announced a new location in Idaho Falls, Idaho. In the 9 years that I have been here the city added 6,000 residents to our population which is now 41,000 not in cluding all the other smaller cities near by. It has great cash back offer, earning as much as 4% cash back on gas! Do you have any information on COSTCO coming to Pooler, Ga or Savannah, Ga? The Costco Connection is the monthly magazine published for members of Costco Wholesale and for others curious about the world of Costco. Retail Company. Based entirely on my experience writing about municipal finance and commercial real estate… negotiations on permits for new commercial construction tend to drag on the longest when someone is arguing for some form of tax break in exchange for all of the jobs and related economic benefits the new development might bring. Costo is missing a great town. ALDI USA. We live near Destin, FL. The closest one is in Mobile, AL or to the east in Pensacola. You should be a Costco in Bangor, Maine. Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. Please consider putting a Costco Wholesale in Bullhead City, AZ. Mira Loma, CA 6. Posted: Mar 30, 2020 / 05:27 AM HST / Updated: Mar 30, 2020 / 06:45 AM HST HONOLULU (KHON2) — Beginning Monday, March 30, U.S. Costco locations will … Those were located in Ridgeland, MS and Perth Airport, Australia. Company History . Possible location opening in Naperville Illinois. I’m considering moving there from Doylestown, PA. You can find the 2020 Costco Holidays list here. After traveling from the north and east, they shop at Sam’s Club so they do not have to spend longer traveling. Is there one coming to Mechanicsburg, PA?? Usually, this means that the Costco stores will close at 6:00 pm instead of the typical 8:30 pm. Pages Liked by This Page. So far it looks like they’re still negotiating terms — but I clarified in the story above that the Florida location being discussed is in Bradenton (it previously referred to the name of the county). Anyone have an update, please? When will the Henderson NV west Costco open? Sometime in the fall of 2019. Does anyone know about a location in the “Low Country” which is the Savannah, Hilton Head Island area? I will drive out of my way to go to the one at Gulf Coast off Ben Hill Griffith any day. I don’t see any plans for that location in “FUTURE LOCATIONS ON COSTCO’S SITE? It’s a 2 hr trip to Mobile, AL or a 2 1/2 hr drive to Tallahassee, FL. We are almost out of Kirkland brand coffee and toilet paper. So far NOTHING? How does that sound? I will be excited to hear a positive reply. There is no Costco in our area. They offer powerful hosting services for $3.95/month! When will the Costco under construction in Evansville IN open ? Please Open a New Costco in Auburn,WA Costco México. Grocery Store. The new Florida location is set to open on August 21, according to All the local TV stations announced that Costco was coming to Pooler, Ga, and showed the cleared land off of Interstate 16 & Pooler Parkway, last year? PLEASE…. I as well would love to see a Costco in Grand Junction, CO. Barry, we’re looking into this one too. Thanks. We will look into this one. Are you going to build in Idaho Falls? In the US, this includes: Additionally, the retailer uses a reduced operating schedule on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. - English Proverb, Bridging the gap between saving money and investing, June 25, 2020 By Amanda Blankenship 123 Comments. I assure you that the Floridians in this area will spend money at any and all Costco’s built from Pensacola to Freeport to Crestview to Destin and anywhere in between, as this is a very large military family area. All within 30 minute drive!! I drive by the site and no progress for months. Wow, I loved Costco when I lived in Atlanta and was so excited when I saw on the NEWS THAT WE were getting one here, then nothing?????? Costco has nine locations around the … There is definitely the population to support it and the city is booming. The ethics of Costco, the jobs created, the standard of products sold are all pluses. Supposed to open in March 2019 but guess that will not happen at the rate they are moving at that site. We looked into relocating for costco and I was in touch with a city council member and she said all the roads have to be done first and thats not going to be done by the end of 2020 at all. We need a Costco on the far west side of San Antonio on 1604 somewhere north of 90, south of Alamo Ranch. THERE IS OVER 100,00 POPULATION IN SPRINGFIELD PLUS ALL THE SURROUNDING CITIES. Costco Buys . Could you confirm as soon as announced, either by permits or Costco confirmation? When are you going to open a Costco in Asheville, NC. We are growing like crazy and need a Costco somewhere in this area. To travel to a Costco store it takes about 45 minutes. Please, please put a Costco here. Find a Costco warehouse location near you. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the Costco statistics you need to know including members, stores, products, sales, etc. I know this is Walmart land … But trust me your presence would be welcome and praised. I also know that there are plans to expand highways for “fast track” to Pittsburgh in this area. Please open one in Amarillo Texas. we need a Costco so badly! Nothing. costco wholesale warehouse/depot listing page 1 revised 02/20/10 whse # name address city state zip region 0001 seattle 4401 4th ave seattle washington 98134-2311 nw 0002 portland th4849 ne – 138 portland oregon 97230 nw 0003 rdspokane east 800 3 ave spokane washington 99202 nw 0004 salt lake city 7036 s 185 west midvale utah 84047 nw 0006 southcenter 1160 saxon drive tukwila … No word of Costco pulling out of Okatie Crossing, and the bulldozers are out there now finally making space for the development.

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