Petey P

The Detailing is EXCELLENT!
My car came out looking like new!
I’m very happy with the quality of work done.
I highly recommend getting your car Detailed at Mohawk Car Wash, and it’s best at least once or twice per year. Keeps your car shiny and helps keep the rust away.
P.S. My appointment had to be changed because of a manpower problem, maybe that’s why the last couple of reviews were bad. The staff I dealt with were good, and the job done was really great, no complaints

Melanie Breeze

I would like to commend Scott the Manager for his exceptional customer service! This has left a lasting impression as a long time customer. My experience at Mohawk Car wash has been remarkable thanks to Scott and his team. Keep up the great work!

Bob Roberts

Have been coming to this car wash for some time now. They do an excellent job of cleaning in and out! I always feel better about things when I am driving a clean car.
A bit slower than a gas station wash, Mohawk do an excellent job, hand drying every car.

Rachelle Stewart

I like that no appointment is needed when looking to get my vehicle detailed. I like that I rarely have to wait. I like that their location is very central and close to my nail salon. I especially like the young gentleman who went out of his way and offered to drive my vehicle back to the plaza next door so I can get both services done in the same timeframe. My only complaint is their lack of attention to detail. I’m not talking nitty gritty stuff because my life includes having a variety of dogs in my vehicle most of the time and lots of dog hair. I’m talking about the passenger side not being wiped down 3 out of the 4 times that I’ve been there.


This place does an amazing job with detailing and washing. I would definitely recommend this car wash to everybody. The guys that work here have alot of pride into doing their work here, good job. Thank you

Mitchell Brown

I found this place about 10 years ago. I drove by it a long time and decided to try it. They do an amazing job. They hand dry your car even if you only get the cheapest wash. Very fast too. Even if there is a line it moves quickly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else now.

Paul Alvarez

We are at the wash once a month and they do a thankless job on our family Minivan. They take extra time to clean the second and third rows and bring the car back to life. Was especially impressed last week when they spent extra time cleaning bug marks off the hood and grill- no charge. Have recommended to many friends in the Hamilton area and they have had great experiences as well. Many thanks to the Mohawk Team!

Glinnis Mitchell

Staff does a great job cleaning the interior and exterior of your car. I am very particular when it comes to cleaning my car but with these guys I don’t have to request them to do anything further.