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tongue and groove ceiling

Stained Knotty Cedar T&G Ceiling and Glass Panels Combo in a Traditional Porch, 9. With the beadboard, the face of each board has a bead profile at the joint and also in the middle of the board, also called edge and center bead design. For this project, we partnered with our friends at CedarSafe and used their tongue and groove cedar planks to create our ceiling. This is so that planks can be nailed to the ceiling joist to stay in place using … Now that you already know the general idea about the tongue and groove ceiling, it is the time to get inspired by the 16 impressive ideas that we will share with you in the following. T&G Ceiling in a Porch of a Log House, 7 Extraordinary Split Level House Remodel Before and After Ideas for You, Tongue and Groove Roof Decking: All the Facts You Must Know. The sure thing is that T&G boards for ceiling have at least four benefits, as we already told you in the opening. It is also about how all the elements in there create a masculine atmosphere that all men will love. A shape like this seems to prove that the T&G ceiling, particularly the one made for the porch area, is not always in flat or vaulted look. Stained Pine T&G Ceiling in a Traditional Porch, 2. But other wood options and sizes can be special-ordered. Installing tongue and groove walls can be a real workout. It results in a contrast that, at the same time, also creates a brighter touch that can avoid a too dark look in the porch, which already has dark tones domination. So that water vapor simply flows right up through those cracks and into the ceiling cavity above. 4.1 out of 5 stars 6. Installing a tongue and groove ceiling can potentially be a one person projects, but as with most things, would be easier with two. Exposed beams, rough hewn. Step 3: Nail on the tongues Cut and position the next board. Gauge A nail's gauge represents its diameter. With a tongue and groove ceiling, there are two different profiles to choose from; a beadboard ceiling or a v-joint design. When you take a look at the ceiling design of this transitional porch, you possibly won’t notice anything special. The product starts with computer measured profiles, then micro-fine sanded, and finished with a 100% VOC free UV-cured furniture grade satin topcoat finish. Of course, it includes choosing each element and material to use in the area carefully. These types of ceilings are known for their … Ceilings are usually made of entire 4-by-8-foot (or longer) sheets of drywall screwed to the joists of the floor above. Only 16 left in stock - order soon. Tongue and Groove Ceilings Overview. The Tongue and groove ceiling on this porch is from a clear poplar material. Shiplap planks are less expensive than tongue … FREE Shipping. The secret is to scribe and/or mark as much as possible in place on the shiplap ceiling rather than to try to measure everything perfectly. Here is a quite different use of the T&G ceiling in porch design. Are you interested in cottage style and want to apply one on your porch? In this post, we will share with you some ideas about the use of a specific material you can use on the porch’s ceiling. If you take a look at the pic carefully, you will find out that there is a black wall sconce attached almost on each white wooden pillar. T&G Porch Ceiling with Unique Square Design, 15. This area is quite spacious, and the location is in the front part of the house. Tweet. Ideal for surface mount or retrofitting over an old grid, tongue and groove ceilings provide a seamless, uninterrupted, and "gridless" look. Tongue and groove ceiling can also be a suitable choice for creating a beach style on your porch. It gets even better because when enjoying some time in there, beautiful green scenery of the forest is available to enjoy. As shown in the picture, the ceiling design does not only contain tongue and groove material. ft. per carton (10 pieces per carton) Easy retrofit installation option to cover old basement ceiling grid From it, there are some ideas to get inspired. The red brick material even gets a whitewashing treatment to gain the same tone in it. When their grooves fit into their tongues, it’s considered to be a married piece. FYI, the material used for creating this T&G ceiling is fir. I needed to install 16ft lengths of pine tongue and groove on a flat ceiling. When paired with the right trims and columns choices, it can even create a luxurious touch but in a more relaxed way. Most of the tongue and groove you'll find at home centers and lumberyards is 1x6 or 1x8 spruce. With the widest range of beaded and tongue-and-groove profiles in the industry, no one gives you more options than VERSATEX. For the next piece, you will connect the groove of the new piece into the tongue of the first piece. Sign up for our newsletter! The tongue will face out, towards the next row. The next grooved edge will hide the nail holes. Talking about advantages, it seems excellent for you to know first about all the plus points of the tongue and groove ceiling that makes it a considerable option to choose than the others, including the drywall we talk about earlier. Wood Tongue and Groove Planking. Wood tongue-and-groove paneling offers a tantalizing alternative: a gorgeous natural-wood ceiling with an installation process that is easier than drywall. They'll look great, and you won't waste any expensive wood. Although so, if you involve two or more people in the project, you can do everything even quicker. The gauge of nails that you use for installing pine tongue and groove wood on the ceiling of your home is largely unimportant. The pic above contains an example that we want you to take a look. Another good thing that you need to know from this inspiration is that the white tone chosen for the ceiling is not something that stands alone. Drive the nails through the shoulder of the tongues into the framing at about a 45-degree angle. You could also opt for paint to finish your boards for a white shiplap ceiling look. Thanks to the secure joints included in the board design. Together, both can create the cozy atmosphere wanted. Transfer those marks to the board and lightly draw a square. 60. An interesting idea that you can find from the two elements is that both of them have the same staining, and it creates a coordinating look on the entire ceiling design. $51.06 shipping. Fluorescent Light Covers to Transform Your Drop Ceiling, Why Remove Popcorn Ceiling When You Can Cover It With Drywall, What to Do When Your Ceiling Has Water Damage, How to Fix a Wobbly Ceiling Fan: Ceiling Fan Repair, How to Handle Full-Span Ceiling Truss Problems, Drop Ceiling Installation Tips: How to Install Drop Ceiling Tiles, The Best Tools for Popcorn Ceiling Removal, We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer), Why You Should Always Trim Candle Wicks Before Lighting, Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. This next idea is just so impressive. You can either apply finish to the raw wood on each chamfer before nailing up each board or touch up the entire shiplap ceiling after it's finished. We are no longer supporting IE (Internet Explorer) as we strive to provide site experiences for browsers that support new web standards and security practices. The main idea that we want you to get inspired by this picture of a traditional porch is the shape of the ceiling. Two other elements support the masculine look in this rustic porch design. These tips … It has a vaulted ceiling design with stained pine tongue and groove boards as the material. If you look closely, you will find out that wall cladding is the covering used by the designer. nails is the best choice for fastening, although an 18-gauge nailer will do the job, too. The only reason why we said so is none other but the compatibility value. Email. Porch, no matter whether it has a front or back location, is an outer part of your home design that people will notice first. On top of that it is important to makes sure that the ends of the board stop at the center of a ceiling joist. An official "how to" video. The reason is that it can add a character to the ceiling as well as the entire porch. Although so, we can say that the exterior area still has wood domination in the design. The use of T&G material for a vaulted design like this is excellent. The first idea is about the T&G planks used to create the ceiling. Complete DIY projects like a pro! Another benefit is the visual effect that makes the area looks larger and airier. If you really love the modern farmhouse or coastal decorating styles, you might even choose to use shiplap or tongue and groove on the ceiling. Those are the 16 impressive tongue and groove porch ceiling ideas that we can gather, especially for you. As a matter of fact, it is cedar with a transparent stain. The installation is possible to do by one person only. To Make matters worse, most ceilings are stuffed with fiberglass insulation, which doesn’t stop the … Most stores carry 1x4 beaded ceiling board as well. It is none other but tongue and groove boards or panels, which people also call as the T&G. Tongue and groove roof decking, especially the one from solid wood boards, is one of the two most common choices for residential use right now. for pricing and availability. Ceiling is reclaimed tongue and groove oak flooring. Create a Sliding Storage System On the Garage Ceiling. The Tongue and groove ceiling on this porch is from a clear poplar material. Find all the facts and ideas about it in this article before you install one for your home design. As the wood dries and shrinks, unfinished stripes will appear where the tongues withdraw from the grooves. Country Classic planks, made of mineral fiber, come with a white finish but can be painted or … The idea that we want you to pay attention to from this rustic screened porch design is not only about the use of T&G material for the ceiling. Although we cannot see much from the pic, the design used here is arched. 51. The good thing is that the warm impression is not overpowering, although we can say that the brown tone is quite dominating. Natural Clear 1" x 6" V-Edge Tongue and Groove. Although so, it comes with some disadvantages that finally make the T&G material a better option to pick. How to hang a laminated plank ceiling dummies tongue groove ceiling installation ceilings armstrong shiplap ceiling how to install a tongue and groove answers tongue and groove clips houzz. That's not something many beginners can pull off. A tongue & groove end-matching product designed to intensify, increase and further improve the quality, value, and extent of any home, or office. You'll be wasting only a few inches of material. (3) Tongue and groove isn't always flat, so you have to force the boards together to get them seated. There's no reason to try to join butt joints directly over framing members. Another detail that you should not miss from the tongue and groove area is the built-in lights that will be useful at night. The reason is that under the ceiling, the designer also added some cool colors from the rug and cushions. Installing tongue-and-groove (aka T&G) boards is a fast, inexpensive way to panel any ceiling or wall. Stained Knotty Pine T&G Ceiling in a Rustic Porch, 5. This ensures superb fit and eliminates waste. It can avoid the place to get too dark at day. Learn more about: Cookie Policy, 16 Impressive Tongue and Groove Porch Ceiling Ideas to Get Inspired, 1. Ceiling Panels: How to Install a Beam and Panel Ceiling. But before you permanently nail the entire piece, check the butt end to make sure it's tight against the neighboring board. Indeed, other than those, there are still countless other ideas available for you to get inspired by, and we cannot include all of them in this post. These pieces can't be blindnailed—you'll have to face-nail them and fill a few nail heads. As you can see in the picture, the ceiling of this porch is from tongue and groove material. screws. The only option is to eliminate the back of the groove so you can lift the board directly into place without locking the joint together. Whats people lookup in this blog: Tongue And Groove Ceiling Clips; Share. B… Design Innovations 3.5-in x 8-ft Natural Cedar Tongue and Groove Wall Plank (Coverage Area: 14-sq ft) Item #771822. Hold the board in place next to the box and mark the sides. Rough Cut Barnwood. As with many of our profiles, VERSATEX T&G options give you design and installation flexibility. With Ceiling Fans, You Get What You Pay For. The groove of the first board should be along the edge of the ceiling. However, from the appearance and color, we guess that it is cedar. The picture above contains the example that you need. To be more specific, the T&G material can create an attractive rustic look on your porch’s ceiling. How to Install a Ceiling Fan Mounting Bracket. The second is that the white tone is suitable for the porch color scheme. Wall and Ceiling Repair Simplified: 11 Clever Tricks. The second idea is about the use of exposed beams as the pair for the T&G material. 4.4 out of 5 stars 18. It is especially when the one you pick comes in the uncolored form as the one you see in the pic. As you can see, the door, the windows, and the columns are all in white. Cut your first board to length and nail in place with the groove facing the wall and the tongue facing out. If you're installing tongue and groove boards over drywall (or plaster especially), it's a good idea to install 1x2 battens and fasten them directly to the framing with 2-1/2-in. Also, leave a 1/4″ gap around the edge of the ceiling to allow for any … Hanging ceiling drywall isn't easy for many homeowners, but the real trick is finishing it to create a flat, seamless surface. Wood Ceiling & Wall Paneling. A choice like this is even excellent for creating a beach or cottage style. Also, because we have a plentiful supply of both domestic and exotic lumber, creating the unique look that sets your home apart is easier than you think. See more ideas about house design, tongue and groove ceiling, home. Although the appearance is quite distinct, it is the one that creates a stunning view in the entire porch design. 239-771-8652. In this case, the choice of the tongue and groove material here is just excellent. The appearance is also timeless. When installed, the final ceiling will look like rows of narrow boards two and a half inches wide. All those can make every time spent in the tropical porch gains a better quality for sure. Just cut out the bad spot, use the parts elsewhere and take another swing at it. But if you really blew it, don't sweat it. Required fields are marked *, Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. Home House & Components Parts of House Ceiling. Think about it: (1) You're usually working over your head. Draw the opening using another box as a pattern. Based on those facts, it seems excellent for you to pay proper attention also to the design of the porch. Nail close to the wall on the groove side (Crown mould will hide this nail) and on the V-groove part of the tongue side. Engineered Shiplap. In fact, it's almost always the case with the very last board. The first is that it has a white color. Brown T&G Ceiling in a Country Home Porch, 4. In the picture above, you can see the image of a traditional porch. Each board weighs a fraction of the weight of a drywall sheet and the tongue and groove will hold the board in place while you knock in a few nails to hold the length in place. Next Article . It creates a warm atmosphere that makes the place suitable for an alternative living room. We can say so because this element gets a brown color, which is even the same with the tone of the paneled wall. The aesthetic value is undeniably incredible. It may also be the reason why the designer adds a pair of comfortable sofas with cushions and even throw blankets. Your email address will not be published. The designer also uses the same material for some parts of the wall. On any installation, you'll have times when you can't fit the groove in the previous tongue and seat the board. It's really tricky to accurately mark cutouts for electrical boxes and other ceiling openings on tongue and groove. These details seem to create a balance in the entire porch area. USG 4290 12" x 12" White Smooth Wood Fiber Tongue & Groove Ceiling Tile - Quantity 15 If yes, you can follow the idea that we find in the picture of a tropical porch above. $73.49 $ 73. The ceiling design can even allow more natural light to spread to the entire porch for a brighter and more comfortable atmosphere. It keeps the natural and rustic appearance of the ceiling design. The next element that we want you to take a look at from this design is the white wall. If you have a log house, a wooden tongue and groove ceiling could be the most excellent material to pick for the porch area as well as any other rooms in the interior. Tongue and groove (also known as T&G) ceilings are wooden ceilings that are made by inserting tiles (or planks) that have interlocking parts. Unfortunately, there is no specific information that we can find about the type of wood used on the ceiling. As you can see, the exterior ceiling fans, the furniture choices, and even a tone in the multi-color bricks have a similar brown tone in them. It is a traditional porch with a quality T&G ceiling in white. (2) You have to seat the tongues and grooves together, and they don't always want to marry. Instead, it indeed looks belong to the color scheme. In the example above, the wood species that you see is knotty pine that gains color from a staining process. It is something that makes the porch looks warm and welcoming, so it becomes an alternative place for sitting around and spend some quality time in also. One of the best tricks to get a professional-looking installation is to add a 45-degree bevel, called a "chamfer." It looks beautiful when paired with the dark brown exposed beams, which has the same look like the floor and door frame. If you start crushing the tongue too badly to get the next board seated, grab a short chunk of waste to use as a sacrificial board. Beveled tongue and groove edge minimizes the appearance of gaps during normal expansion and contraction; Update the look of your ceiling without losing ceiling height; Covers 29 sq. White T&G Ceiling and Sconce Lights Combo in a Tropical Porch, 10. Arched T&G Fir Ceiling in a Traditional Riverfront Porch, 11. Recut the ends of every board. This technique is called "V-grooving." The T&G material does not cover the whole area here. Some boards are rough on one face and smooth on the other. 49. How to install a tongue & groove cedar plank ceiling. A 15- or 16-gauge brad nailer with 2-in. Some boards are rough on one face and smooth on the other. Enhanced Ceiling Products© (ECP©) by Sunset Custom Cabinetry and Woodwork. Do you agree with this opinion? Each application will give a different look. The ceiling design also includes some built-in lights that will be functional when it is dark. Once you get a board seated, go ahead and add a nail or two. It looks beautiful when paired with the dark brown exposed beams, which has the same look like the floor and door frame. Others, like the 1x8 boards used here, have a groove down the middle of one face to give the impression of more, narrower boards. Prev Article. Unfinished tongue and groove boards installed in humid summer conditions can be an ugly mess during the dryness of winter. Also, the battens will somewhat flatten out uneven ceilings. 12. Update your ceiling without losing any height with tongue and groove edge tiles and planks by Armstrong Ceilings. It only forms a square shape with two diagonal lines. Your email address will not be published. In this case, there are at least four points available. T&G Ceiling in a Small Traditional Front Porch, 13. Those are the black frame of the glass door and the grey walls. When you see the pic above and find that the wooden material of the T&G ceiling is interesting, you may think that it is pine because of the knotty characteristic. Always plan your work so the tongues point toward the direction of installation. In the design, this T&G material gets exposed heavy timber beams as the pairing. Beautiful Tongue And Groove Ceilings for your home or business! Another plus: You can run the battens either parallel or perpendicular to the ceiling framing, depending on which way you want the tongue and groove to run. But if you apply finish before installation, the tongues will be completely finished—no unfinished stripes to appear later! T&G Ceiling and Exposed Beams in a Beach-Style Screened Porch, 7. It is even possible for it to leave the first impression in the mind of people who visit you or pass by the residential building. If the answer is yes, please take a look at this next picture that we find especially for you. You can use it at any time for any home style. Small sconces like these point the light to the ceiling and the floor at the same time. View Selection. $115.60 $ 115. 17 Eye-Catching Stucco and Trim Color Combinations for Your Next Project, Stained Pine T&G Ceiling in a Traditional Porch, White-Painted T&G Ceiling in a Transitional Porch, Brown T&G Ceiling in a Country Home Porch, Stained Knotty Pine T&G Ceiling in a Rustic Porch, Stained Pine Tongue and Groove Ceiling in a Traditional Porch, T&G Ceiling and Exposed Beams in a Beach-Style Screened Porch, Stained Knotty Cedar T&G Ceiling and Glass Panels Combo in a Traditional Porch, White T&G Ceiling and Sconce Lights Combo in a Tropical Porch, Arched T&G Fir Ceiling in a Traditional Riverfront Porch, Clear Poplar T&G Ceiling in a Masculine Rustic Porch, T&G Ceiling in a Small Traditional Front Porch, Unfinished Knotty Pine T&G Ceiling in a Cottage-Style Porch, T&G Porch Ceiling with Unique Square Design, Cedar T&G Ceiling in a Contemporary Porch, 10 Attractive Garage in front of House Designs for Both Functions and Appearance, 20 Most Beautiful Screened Porch with Fireplace Ideas for a Cozy Outdoor Living, 7 Best Deck Colors for Grey House That You Must Choose, 15 Fascinating Craftsman Style Crown Molding Inspirations for Interior Update, 15 Unique Open Staircase to Basement Ideas for an Astonishing Interior. Browse 290 Tongue And Groove Ceiling on Houzz Whether you want inspiration for planning tongue and groove ceiling or are building designer tongue and groove ceiling from scratch, Houzz has 290 pictures from the best designers, decorators, and architects in the country, including Ironwood NW and The Lazy Mans Painter. It will depend on what look and feel you are trying to achieve. Instead, choose lengths so the joints look as random as possible. Our line includes traditional beadboard and beaded sheet, Stealth beadboard, v-grooved WP4, and shiplap options. Apr 30, 2012 - A collection of tongue and groove ceilings. To begin, you must cut each piece of wood to makes sure they fit with all neighboring pieces. The wood species used by the designer, who is also the homeowner, is knotty pine. All of our wall and ceiling planking is tongue and grooved on all four sides! FYI, it is cedar. You'll remove staples left over from shipping wrap, cut away any splits and get clean, square edges. Most stores carry a 1×4 beaded … Tongue and groove ceiling from wooden material can be an excellent selection for creating a rustic look in your porch area. Compare; Find My Store. Those are the black frame of the glass door and the grey walls. Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! Plus, if you cut the boards so they fall directly over framing, you'll waste a lot of material. One of the reasons why we think the tongue and groove porch ceiling is an excellent selection to pick is because many people consider it as a better choice than drywall. The porch that you see here is just a regular one located in a traditional front entry. First, let us talk about the tongue and groove ceiling. With a color like this, it is possible for the tongue and groove boards, if it is from wood, to undergo a painting process before the installation. Tongue And Groove Ceiling: Most of the tongue and groove you’ll find at home centers and lumberyards is 1×6 or 1×8 spruce. But once it was all installed, we loved the unfinished look and decided to leave it. Then finish nailing off the board. At the same time, the homeowners should not be worried about some annoying bugs because the screens keep them away. If it doesn't fit, you can tweak the cut. Although so, we find at least three inspirational points from this picture. Don't beat yourself up trying to preserve a pristine tongue—it gets buried in the joint anyway. Related Articles. And if it's a big problem then we need to fix it. Do you want to add a romantic touch to your porch area, particularly in the tongue and groove ceiling? Besides, some glass panels included. 7.125-in x 12-ft Pine Tongue and Groove Wall Plank (Coverage Area: 7.125-sq ft) Item #1362069. Tongue and Groove ceiling can be left natural, stained, or even painted. As most of my videos are rambling about what I've done, this one is actually a how to. You can install T&G over bare framing, drywall or plaster, so it's a great cover-up for an ugly ceiling. View Selection. Mark the front and back of the box on a scrap. In this next idea, we want you to pay attention not only to the ceiling but also to the floor. Cedar T&G Ceiling in a Contemporary Porch, 16. The main combination that we want you to see from it is between the T&G ceiling and other elements under it, including the walls, the floor, and the decorations. The Beadboard and Painted White designs can be painted to complement colors used on walls, floors, upholstery, or accent pieces.

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